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Guess who just learned how to animate gifs?  Click n’ drag game, on me.  Incase  writer’s/artist’s block is standing in-between you and greatness.

A simplified version of this character generator, which is not mine.



a madoka magica click & drag! done with the idea that you have made a contract with kyuubey and become a magical girl. i hadn’t seen one of these before so i thought, why not? enjoy!


Hello there, dear writerly friends!

Over the last year I’ve gotten hundreds (if not thousands :0) of writers sending me their story-ideas and asking me if they’re ‘good.’ Now, instead of continuously copy-pasting the same response, or worse ignoring them, I decided to format my thoughts into a nice-and-simple test c;

Now, since I have a feeling some of you still have questions, let me post here my answers to the responses I’ve gotten from this test:

Is this seriously the test?

Yes. Just 3 questions. Not more. Not less.

You’re saying that if I find the story-idea ‘fun’ to write, then I’m good to go?


Even though you know nothing about my story-idea?

Nope. I don’t care what your story is actually about. All I care about is that you have fun. Seriously. If you have fun writing it, the reader will be able to tell. It’s easier to be passionate about something you enjoy. On the flip-side, have you ever read anything that was written by someone who clearly was not having ANY fun? Ask your English teacher if they can tell when someone actually enjoyed writing an essay. You may be able to half-ass a cake and make something edible, but you can’t half-ass a book and expect people to like it.

Even though I think this story idea is similar to that of another book?

Jorge Luis Borges said that there are only 4 types of stories: a love story between two people, a love story between three people, the struggle for power, and the journey. The truth is that, really, the idea for the story does not matter. It’s not what you say, but how you it say that matters. And, I don’t know about you, but I think it’s easier to get your voice across when you’re actually enjoying the process of writing c;

How do I make my story-idea more ‘fun’?

Be honest with yourself. Write about what excites you. You don’t have to write about anything you don’t care about, or meet some sort of imaginary guidelines. Writing is art. Write about anything you want. Additionally, you may want to checkout my (Strange) Guide to Planning Your Novel, it’s built on this entire philosophy.

I hope this helps! I have gotten this question so many times, I thought it would be best to just put my answer out there for all of you  c;

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Every anime show ever






Oh my god, my friend made the shittiest website in the world as a joke because he didn’t care about his assignment and his professor loved it and it’s going to be in our foundation show next year. 

This shit ( )

is going to be in a gallery and I can’t handle the world right now.

hoooolLY SHIT




Momo Mermaid 2014

I just want to thank simply and coercere for testing, and all my other friends who made amazing posts with the collection. I also want to mention that I added a normal map to the fur coat, so the quality will look better in game than in CAS. The same goes for the sunglasses as they look a lot better in game as well. I really enjoyed creating  this collection! I loved the theme I went for and I’m so glad I can finally share it all with you!